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If you want to remove duplicates from your Exchange account, you have to add Windows (Exchange) as a device.

Go to the “Devices/Services” tab and click “ADD DEVICE/SERVICE”, choose Windows (Exchange) from the options and click “NEXT”. Give this device a name and click “NEXT”. Fill up the required information and press “LOG IN”. You are done.

Go to the “Devices/Services” tab, choose your Windows (Exchange), that was created and named in the previous steps. You can manage, restore and remove the Windows (Exchange) device or start searching for duplicates by clicking “SEARCH FOR DUPLICATES”.

What should I enter?

There are two fields, which you need to fill in. You should enter your Exchange (Office 365) login information. In the first field please enter your email address. The second field requires your Exchange (Office 365) account password. Remember, you have to enter the email address and password of the same account.

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