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How it Works


1. What is Mergix/Overview:

Mergix is a web cloud app and Free* subscription service with the main feature of contacts deduplication. Mergix is not an online address book, since no contacts are stored* on Mergix servers (we use secure Microsoft Azure as our cloud app and storage provider). Mergix Service can be used on any* device (PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, etc..) and/or online services (Gmail, Exchange, CRM, online address book, etc...) that have Internet access and use online address books (Gmail Google Contacts, iCloud Contacts, Office 365/Exchange Outlook Contacts, etc...) as the sources for their contacts. The main goal of Mergix is to deliver long time value as a simple timesaving app/service and make sure that your devices and services stay free of duplicates.

2. 4 easy steps:

deduplication process consists of 4 steps that will work across all accounts connected to your selected device or service:

  • 2.1 search and delete duplicates-identical contacts
  • 2.2* Search and merge junk contacts
  • 2.3*. Search and merge similar contacts.
  • 2.4 providing step by step guide and videos on how to make sure you stay free from duplicates on your devices and services.

3. Synchronization* and backup:

In addition to the steps above, all the changes that Mergix makes to duplicates, similar and junk contacts will be synchronized back to all connected accounts where these troubled contacts are found. Before any changes are applied to your original sources, Mergix makes sure you have backups, and gets them back to your cloud sources (iCloud, GoogleDrive, OneDrive). So, if anything goes not as you wish, you can reverse all your connected accounts to the original state.

4. Scheduled* de-duplication:

*Free service features: one device, identical duplicates removing, guide and search and report for all potential problems that you may have with your contacts. Step 2 and 3, multiple devices support is available with Premium subscriptions only. Contacts on your sources will only be accessed during the deduplication process. After the process is finished, all the contacts' data will be removed from Mergix app and our cloud service. Synchronization across sources is not a supplement to all sources synchronization, only contacts that are changed (deleted, merged) during Mergix deduplication process will be synchronized back to all sources. If you want to synchronize all contacts across all or selected sources and devices you should use our Synchronization service or, in case Microsoft Outlook, - Sync2.


If you have any questions, you can write us an email, contact us via live chat, or call via phone.